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WordPress theme development tutorial step by step

WordPress is the best cms for blog type or to make a simple dynamic site, so in this WordPress theme development tutorial we will learn how to make a wp theme from the scratch step by step from an HTML file and which is installable to any WordPress site, The steps of the WordPress theme development […]

How to install WordPress

In this post, I am going to show how to install WordPress. To install the first download WordPress from and unzip the file and try to download the latest version of the file. [embedyt][/embedyt] Step 1 keep the file inside for windows/mac and wamp, user keep it inside the www folder for windows/mac and […]

How to make WordPress theme style sheet to define the theme

Hi, in this post I am going to teach you how to describe a WordPress theme using style.css file. Now start to describe the theme for that Step 1.  create a style.css file inside your theme folder Step 2.  Now make a comment portion of CSS Step 3.   Now write the code /* Theme Name: Twenty Fifteen Theme URI: Author: the WordPress team […]

How to make WordPress functions file the functions.php

Hi, in this post the uses of functions.php file of WordPress theme development I am going to show you the uses of functions.php file of a WP theme. The functions.php file uses for defining all the functions and hooks inside a WordPress theme development. In this post, I will teach about some basic function like […]

Tutorial on WordPress theme option page and use the data

In this post How to Make a WordPress theme options page or an admin menu page for WordPress theme, I am going to show how to make a setting page for WordPress custom theme. Open your theme function.php file and write the code Now start the code step by step Step 1. Create a menu […]

WordPress theme identifying image screenshot.png

In this post, I am going to show how to make a theme identification image or featured image of the theme, For that, you need to take a screenshot of the HTML page or any image you want to make the theme identification image or featured image of the theme and save the image in […]

How to make WordPress theme header file

Hi, in Develop theme header of WordPress post I am going to show you how to develop a custom header.php or common header for WordPress theme from an HTML pice saved as header.php First I am describing the code should be used for header portion and then will show a sample header code with HTML […]

How to make WordPress dynamic menu or nav bar

Hi, in this post How to make a WordPress dynamic menu. I am going to show you how to declare menus in functions.php file and fetch the menu in frontend. Now start to make a dynamic menu step by step Step 1. Declare menu in functions.php file Sample code: //To register nav menu function register_my_menus() […]

How to develop a WordPress responsive bootstrap 3 menu

Hi, in this post I am going to show you how to create a WordPress bootstrap menu without using any plugin, for that follow the steps, Step 1. Download the bootstrap nav walker file from GitHub following the link: Step 2. First, include the downloaded nav walker file placing into your theme folder Step […]

How to Develop WordPress theme default footer 

Hi, in this post-Develop Footer for a custom WordPress theme, I am going to show how to make a WordPress footer for a custom WordPress theme, for that First: Create a footer.php file   Second: paste the common HTML portion for footer   Third: before end of body write the function <?php  wp_footer(); ?>   […]

WordPress how to create dynamic sidebar with widget supportable

Hi, in this post I am going to show how to Develop WordPress dynamic sidebar with a widget for a custom WordPress theme, for that First: Go to function.php file and write the below code to declare a sidebar //To Register a sidebar function theme_slug_widgets_init() { register_sidebar( array( ‘name’          => __( ‘Main Sidebar’, ‘theme-slug’ ), […]

WordPress how to develop custom post type

Hi, In this WordPress custom post loop with arguments we are going to learn how to declare a custom post with argument and use the custom post in frontend as a slider. Now start to make a custom post for slider step by step Step 1. Open function.php file of your theme folder and write […]

WordPress how to make index page the default front page

Hi, today we are going to learn how to Develop WordPress FrontPage an index.php file of default FrontPage for WordPress custom theme. If you have not selected any static front page then the index, PHP file will be fetched as frontpage in WordPress. Now write the code in index.php file if not created please create […]

WordPress how to make a default page template

Hi, in this WordPress common page template development we are going to learn to create the default page template the page.php file for WordPress theme development. If you are not going to select any page template from WordPress admin panel while creating a page then the page.php file the default page template will be called […]

WordPress how to make a custom page template

Hi, today we will learn WordPress page template development, contact us page with the contact form, using contact form 7 plugin, contact form 7 plugin will provide a shortcode which has to place in a wishing editor or in page by <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[the short code here]’); ?>   Now start to create a contact us page step […]

How to create a WordPress newsletter form using mail poet plugin

Hi, We are going to learn a Newsletter subscription form development using mail poet newsletter plugin. The newsletter of a website helps the user to get the update through email of a website and for that admin of a website needs to create the newsletter and send to the user’s email address and here in […]

Using make money with google adsense without a website

Blogger AdSense – Earn money from or is not so easy today as there are several problems to get approved from Google AdSense using Google Blogspot. Problems with or to get approved by Google AdSense As Google does not provide adds to a subdomain and as if you are using […]

ways to make money from home using Google adsense

what is Google AdSense? it is one of the most popular advertisement providers with the best quality add provided by Google. It is one of the best ways to earn money online from home. Google AdSense is free to register to earn money online from home, but there is  some restriction,  Benefit You get from […]

What to do if google adsense disapproved the application.

while we are going to apply for google AdSense we afraid of if google AdSense disapproved, most of the time first we use to apply for google AdSense and google AdSense disapproved of the application many times. Now I am going to tell you the reason to reject the application by google, First. Less content, […]

Ways to make money from home using YouTube monetization

Hi, we are going to discuss How to monetize YouTube the AdSense of youtube or how to make money online from home using youtube without spending a single pane. But you have to do handwork to get the view.     For that, you have to follow some step Step 1. You have to make […]

WordPress code on how to create user & set role and permission

many times there is needed to create a WordPress user from coding-end to make a frontend registration form. And for that, we need to create a user programmatically and set rools of the user and give the user permission.   now we will learn how we can make a user using WordPress code Step 1. […]

How to make WordPress breadcrumbs nav menu

Breadcrumbs is the most useful element for any website to show the location or follow of the page, in this post we will learn how to generate breadcrumbs in wordpress. now start step by step first Open your functions.php file and make a function for getting the breadcumb menu example function hm_get_breadcrumb() {    } Second […]

How to create a WordPress custom page template for blog the post list

Hi, we are going to learn WordPress blog template post loop development, as WordPress is mainly used for blogging so there must have to a blog template for showing the posted blog. Now start to create the blog template step by step First, there is two way to make a blog page you can go […]

WordPress how to make a single post template the post details page

the single.php file is used to display as a single post-default template so to show a single we need to learn WordPress single post template development the single.php file the development process of a single.php file is similar to page.php file development and the only difference is getting the comment template now will start to […]

How to make a template for custom post type in wordpress

the custom single post templates structure is same as a post-default template or single.php file, If you find some design change on some case of displaying custom post then you can make a single post display page for the custom post type and we will learn custom post template development step by step for that, […]

Tutorial on how to create a WordPress archive template the list of category wise or date wise post

the archive.php file is used to display the date, month or year wise and it also used to show the category wise posts, now in this archive template development we are going to learn to make an archive and custom archive page. Now Start to make the archive page step by step Step 1 make […]

Tutorial on How to Make a WordPress Custom Search Page Template

the search.php is the search page template for WordPress, in this search template development we will learn to make a search form and search result displaying page so first, we will make a search form in any position of the theme The search form code for WordPress search function <form action=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ‘/’ […]

WordPress how to get search result and archives list by category name

Hi in this post we are going to learn How to get category wise search and archive results in WordPress. in WordPress, there is much time we have to get the search and archive result by category, so in this post, we will learn how to get search result and archive result by category, for […]

WordPress how to give file or image upload permission to subscriber or contributer

In general a subscriber or contributer type user have not permission to upload image in wordpress so to give permission to upload image to subscriber or contributer type user need to write function or install a plugin The functions to give file upload permission to a user Now write the code in your functions.php file […]

WooCommerce how to set minimum order amount

    To set the minimum cart total write the code into your functions.php file and change the variable value of $minimum_cart_total. Here is the code to set a minimum cart total in WordPress woo-commerce <?php // Set a minimum dollar amount per order add_action( ‘woocommerce_check_cart_items’, ‘spyr_set_min_total’ ); function spyr_set_min_total() { // Only run in […]

Allow to see only the media files and images uploaded by the user in wordpress

Hi in this tutorial we are going to learn how to make Allow to see only the media files and images uploaded by the user in wordpress. Write the code in functions.php file inside your theme folder <?php add_action(‘pre_get_posts’,’hm_users_own_attachments’); function hm_users_own_attachments( $wp_query_obj ) { global $current_user, $pagenow; $is_attachment_request = ($wp_query_obj->get(‘post_type’)==’attachment’); if( !$is_attachment_request ) return; if( […]

WooCommerce add to cart link with variations

Hi, many times we have to make custom product loop and single custom product page with various design and at that time we need to give a button with add to cart URL or link with variation to add the product to cart and in this post we will going to see how the link […]

Tutorial on how to create a WordPress comment template

in a blog type website or in an e-commerce website there needed a comment form and display comments list. In WordPress, there is provided a comment template by default and it can be customized also no make the comment template step by step first write the below code in a post or page template to […]

WordPress Widget Development Tutorial

the widget is mainly displayed in sidebar or WordPress and its a very good process to ad extra featured in WordPress in this tutorial we will learn and develop a WordPress widget widget To create a widget first have to create a class extending the WordPress default widget class thus in the declared class all […]

Tutorial on How to Develop a WordPress WooCommerce Theme

WordPress woocommerce theme development: woocommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, we will learn how to develop a WordPress woocommerce theme step by step in this tutorial and will make a proper e-commerce theme, first we need to know the structure to create an e-commerce theme, the header contains the cart link with […]

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial Using Ajax

the plugin is the best way to add more featured to WordPress and on theme change the feature will not be gone. In this tutorial, we are going to develop a WordPress login registration plugin with the shortcode. Now start step by step, you can use the shortcode for the plugin [CMWP_LOGIN redirect=<page page id […]

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial Using Ajax

WordPress ajax is very easy to implement and in this tutorial we will learn how to make an ajax form and will develop a plugin regarding that, Now step by step start ** if you need then visit my plugin development tutorial page to define a plugin and shortcode and learn to create till the […]

WordPress plugin development tutorial using MySQL

today we will learn how to develop a WordPress plugin using MySQL database table by creating during installation, inserting from WordPress admin panel and fetching value in frontend using the shortcode. and for this plugin, you can be able to get the social media list by using the shortcode [CM_SOCIAL_MEDIA]. now step by step develop […]

Bootstrap 3 Tutorials

Twitter Bootstrap is an open-source platform to design a mobile-first responsive website, Bootstrap is a combination of CSS javascript and icons, but needed a predefined structure of HTML 5 and the class name and some id to design a site using bootstrap. so in this series of the tutorial, we will learn about the predefine […]

Tutorial On How to Create Bootstrap 3 Responsive Grid System

Bootstrap 3 grid system is the container or container fluid and row and column system, to make a mobile responsive website using bootstrap the grid system is the first need to make the structure and in this tutorial, we will learn how to make the structure of a website using the bootstrap grid system. The […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Typography or Text Style

The bootstrap typography is the text style defined by bootstrap and it is a little bit different from browser default to make the text browser compatible now the default text inside the body is 14px and line-height is 1.428 and the p tag has a margin that is 10 px by default. example: Try it […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Responsive Image

Image and its placement is a very important part of an HTML website design and so bootstrap have given some structure and also while we place an image the width adjustment creating the problem and in Bootstrap 3 Image, bootstrap also defined class for the width of an image. Structure of the bootstrap 3 images the Rounded, […]

Tutorial on How to Create Bootstrap 3 responsive table

to represent some data by row and column table is one of the most effective solution, Bootstrap providing some classes to make a Bootstrap 3 Responsive Table more attractive and useful, and the type of the tables are Responsive, Striped, Bordered, Hover, Condensed, and Contextual Table Let’s discuss bootstrap table A basic table of bootstrap […]

Tutorial on How to Create Bootstrap 3 Jumbotron

Bootstrap jumbotron indicates a big box for calling extra attention to some special content or information. It is a gray division with a rounded corner. The Bootstrap jumbotron enlarges the font sizes of the text inside it. Bootstrap jumbotron can be used inside container or container fluid and outside container or container fluid. To use […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 well

The Bootstrap 3 well adds a rounded gray border around an element with a gray background and a little padding, it provides a quick way to apply a simple inset effect to an element. It is used to make a little portion highlight or different from others. To use it just enclose the contents with […]

Tutorial on How to Make Bootstrap Alert Box

Bootstrap 3 Alert box is used to get the immediate attention of the end-users such as warning, error, confirmation or success messages. Here can be used as an optional close button to hide the box. the alert box is mainly 4 types and they are… 1. success or light green background with deep green text […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Buttons

Bootstrap 3 Buttons is one of the most and a frequently used component of bootstrap. now there are 8 different types of a button with 4 different size and also there is a block label button which covers 100% of the container width. ** Note: A bootstrap 3 button can be effective on only input […]

Tutorial on How to Create Bootstrap 3 Button Group and its Details

In our previous post, we have learned about the bootstrap button and we are going to learn Bootstrap 3 Button Group . for that we have to include some buttons inside a div or container and give it to the class name .btn-group , normally its a horizontal button group Example: Try It Yourself <div […]

Tutorial on How to Use Bootstrap glyphicons icons

Bootstrap 3 glyphicons icons is a predefined set of the icon can be used in website design using bootstrap like font-awesome. Bootstrap 3 glyphicons icons can be used as text, that is the size and color can be defined as like text style. To use that give the class name .glyphicon and the class of […]

Tutorial on How to Make Bootstrap 3 Badges and Labels

In this post, we are going to discuss Bootstrap 3 Badges and Labels, Bootstrap 3 Badges The Badges are the number indicator of a button or text, it is mainly used to show how many messages or orders have been submitted. The color of the text and background color of Bootstrap 3 Badges are compatible […]

Tutorial on How to Create Bootstrap 3 Progress Bars

Bootstrap 3 Progress Bars are the predefined attractive element of bootstrap, A progress bar is mainly used to show how many presents of a task is completed graphically. Normal Progress Bar A normal progress bar is a blue background colored bar and to use any progress bar take a div and give the class name […]

wordpress get current page id inside and outside of loop

WordPress get current page id or post id is a common query while developing WordPress theme, as there many time it needed to filter or make a link, now the below code will help you to get the current page or post id inside and outside of the loop WordPress get current page id Outside […]

WordPress get page content by id from other page or posts

In WordPress get page content by id is mainly used to get the content outside of the page calling by URL Like as if you want to call the content of the about in home page or in the footer in case of WordPress theme development Now code for the WordPress get page content by […]

WooCommerce get products loop by Category Name

In this post, we will learn how to get product loop by Category Name in woo-commerce, for that first need to make an array of arguments and then have to get the products like as getting the posts by arguments as the woo-commerce product is also one kind of argument. Now the example code is […]

A Tutorial on How to Create Bootstrap 3 pagination

The Breadcrumbs are used to show a position of page and Pagination is used to navigate or linked a page. suppose you have a lots of posts in your blog and you want to show few of them in one page and next few in the second page and so on then there is needed […]

A Tutorial on How to make Bootstrap 3 Pager

A pager is also one king of pagination, it provides the next and prev button, When we are used to showing a single post some time we need two buttons on the bottom position to show the previous and next post, we can use pager at that time. Now We are going to learn how […]

Tutorial on How to make Bootstrap 3 List Groups

A list group is used to display an unordered or a div in a list view, the list view mainly used inside the menu or display some list of content. Now let us discuss Bootstrap 3 List Groups, which is a very flexible component for displaying lists of elements in a beautiful manner. Basic List […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Panels

Bootstrap 3 Panels lets us place the content in a better presentation. Bootstrap 3 Panels have a border with some padding and divided into header and footer and body, for heading and related text. It is mainly used while we need to write several topics with titles and content like FAQ. Now start to make […]

Get WordPress home url or front page url

In WordPress Home URL or site URL is mainly used to make a redirect to the home page by clicking on the logo or a special link on any position of the body or it is also used to link some static component. Now start WordPress get home URL The basic way The basic code […]

Get WordPress style sheet URL

If you want to include your style URL in your theme where the description of the theme and author is defined then you have to import the style URL in your theme and if you have imported all the related style URL in the theme defining stylesheet then you must have to import the stylesheet. […]

wordpress pingback url

Pingback permits you to apprize different bloggers that you just have connected to their article on your web site. though there are some minor technical variations, a trackback is largely identical things as a pingback. Now the code for WordPress pingback URL is bloginfo( ‘pingback_url’ ) and have to print the code on a link […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Drop downs

Bootstrap 3 dropdowns are mainly used in the navigation menu to make a dropdown menu, But sometimes it is used in button and div also for scripting. A bootstrap 3 dropdowns is a toggleable menu that allows you to choose a value from a togglable list. Basic Dropdown To make a basic dropdown add the […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Collapse & Accordion

A collapse and accordion is a hide panel or portion which is opened on click on a button or link with scrolling effect. Now start to learn Bootstrap Collapse and Accordion. Basic Collapse to make a basic collapse in bootstrap 3 need to use data-toggle=”collapse” and data-target=”#collapse_demo” in a button or link where collapse_demo is […]

Tutorial on Bootstrap 3 Tabs and Pills

Bootstrap 3 tab and pills are the nav component, the pills are mainly used in the navbar and the tab is used on javascript van bar to show regarding hiding portion like an accordion. Basic Menu To make a basic menu use an unordered list and inside li give anchor link Example: Try it yourself […]

How to Make Bootstrap 3 NavBar

In a website, a common component is navigation bar and it used to navigate to the proper page according to its link, so in this tutorial, we are going to learn Bootstrap 3 Navigation Bar or navbar which is mobile responsive and have in 2 types of color, Basic or default navbar To make a […]

How to Create Bootstrap 3 Responsive Form

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Form is a very useful HTML component that is used to send the data to the server via getting or post method. Nowadays so many users are using mobile for internet browsing so we have to make a form easy to fillup from mobile also. so bootstrap is given us many classes […]

How to Make Bootstrap 3 Form Inputs

In bootstrap, the form components if properly declared then it will automatically take some property inside class .form-control and the form fields are text, password, datetime, datetime-local, date, month, time, week, number, email, URL, search, tel, and color. Textarea: As other form fields textarea will have some default property and width 100% when its declared […]

How to Create Bootstrap 3 Media Objects

The bootstrap media object is used to make left or right align media like video or image and the media object is mainly used in waterfall instruction comments or testimonials. Now start to learn Bootstrap 3 Media Objects step by step. Default bootstrap 3 media to make a default media in bootstrap 3 take a […]

How to create Bootstrap 3 Carousel slider

A slider is a common component of a website and makes a fully responsive slider becomes very easy with help of bootstrap 3 and in the bootstrap slider, you can use caption or text also, Now start Bootstrap 3 Carousel slider step by step. Code and discussion of bootstrap 3 slider to make a slider […]

How To Create Bootstrap 3 Modal Window

A modal window is a popup window like lightbox, there is a three size modal window in bootstrap 3, today we will going to discuss about Bootstrap 3 Modal Window. How to make bootstrap 3 modal window to make a modal window need to take a trigger in which on click the modal window will […]

How to Make Bootstrap 3 Tool tips

A tooltip is an instructional box with small instruction which described the functions of the tools, Bootstrap provides us a nice decorated tooltip now we are going to start to learn Bootstrap 3 Tooltip How to create a bootstrap 3 tooltips to create tooltips take a hoverable element and give there a title which will […]

How to Make Bootstrap 3 Popover

Bootstrap 3 popover is similar to the tooltip , bootstrap provided us a very nice popover and today we will going to learn how to make a popover How to make a bootstrap 3 popover to create a bootstrap 3 popover use a title which will be shown inside the popover and use data-content=”Some content […]

How to get WordPress page url by id

to get the URL of any post or page in WordPress first you need to get the id of that page or post, and for that go to admin panel and open the post or page for edit and on URL you will find ?post=<post id> and get the post or page id from there. […]

How to get wordpress page url or link by page or post name

to get the URL of a page by its name in WordPress first you need to get the id of the page by page name and then you have to get the page URL by id Now to get the id of the page by page name use the below code $page = get_page_by_title( ‘Hellow […]

How to get featured image url of a post or pages

In this post, we are going to learn about WordPress get featured image URL now start step by step First, get the id of the post or page of which featured image URL you want to get by using the code $post->ID Second get the id of the thumbnail image bypassing the post id through […]

WordPress WooCommerce get my-account page url

In this post we are going to learn to get myaccount page url of woocommerce , now start step by step First: get the my account page id by using the code get_option( ‘woocommerce_myaccount_page_id’ ); Second: check if there is any myaccount page id Third: get the parmalink by passing the myaccount page id through […]

WoordPress WooCommerce get logout url

In this post, we ate going to learn about woo-commerce get logout URL and let’s make that step by step First: get the my account page id by using the code get_option( ‘woocommerce_myaccount_page_id’ ); Second: check if there is any my-account page id Third: get the permalink bypassing my account page id through the function […]

How to make money online from home without investment

When I entered the network world as a professional, my first question was how to make money online from home? as its a very good thing to make some extra money from home and not going to any other places, So In this post, I am going to give you some ideas on how to […]

How to make pagination using javascript

Hi, In this post we are going to discuss how to make a javascript pagination of a table and an unordered list (ul li). For that, we have to include 2 javascript libraries. <script src=””></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> the ul or table we want to make pageable, have to keep inside a div with an […]

JavaScript Form Validation with email , phone number and name.

Hi, today we are going to see how to make a form validation using javascript, it includes email validation, name validation, max-min value validation, string length validation and also phone number validation. We are going to use the set custom message as the required field use to show and for that we will use javascript […]

How to make load more gallery without reloading page using javascript.

Hi, today we are going to discuss making a load more gallery without reloading the page using javascript. now lets start step by step, Step 1. first needed a gallery of image or text and need to give a unique class name to the thumbnail divs. Step 2. then make the div display none to […]

Bootstrap form validation using javascript

Hi, in the post ‘ Bootstrap form validation using javascript ‘ we are going to learn how to make a validated form on the bootstrap framework using javascript only without any validator js plugin. To make the form and validate the form using the below code. here we are going to use only 3 fields […]

WooCommerce important page url

Below there is some needed woo-commerce page URL, which is frequently used to develop any woo-commerce website. The WooCommercer important page URL are   Shop Url $shopUrl = get_permalink( woocommerce_get_page_id( ‘shop’ ) ); Cart Url global $woocommerce; $aUrl = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url();   Checkout Url global $woocommerce; $aUrl = $woocommerce->cart->get_checkout_url();   Account Url $aAccountPageId = get_option( ‘woocommerce_myaccount_page_id’ […]

TypeScript Tutorial Overview

The javascript is built for client-side application handling and after introducing of node js we can handle the server-side also that is the database interaction also can be handled by javascript also, Now typescript is the superset of javascript, That is if you write code in javascript and save that as a .ts extension and […]

How to install and setup the environment for typescript?

To learn any language first need to set up the environment and to set up the environment for typescript we have to install some software and packages. We are going to discuss that one by one. To work on Typescript first we need node.js so whatever operating system you are using you have to install […]

Typescript Basic Syntax

All the programming languages used their own syntax, So TypeScript also has defined its own syntax, TypeScript is composed of – Modules Functions Variables Statements and Expressions Comments To run the typescript page and convert to javascript, first locate the folder where your script file exists, then have to use tsc followed the filename, you […]

Variable Types in TypeScript

TypeScript supports various types of values like a number, string, etc and to store them there are a few numbers of variables also, In TypeScript here is 6 type of variable in typescript and they are as described below, Number: To declare a number type variable first use the keyword let or var then the […]

Variables in TypeScript

There ia a number of structure to define a variable in typescript and we are going to discuss upon that, var/let [variable name] : [type of the variable] = [value] In this case first have to write the keyword ver or let then the variable name and after that have to write the variable type […]

TypeScript Operators

The operators are used for some operation like addition or substruction, TypeScript also have defined some operators like other programming languages, Here the addition or substruction symbol is the operator and the values to add or substruct are the operands. Let’s discuss the operators in details: Arithmetic Operator There are 7 types of the arithmetic […]

Decision Making or if and switch condition

Like all other programming languages in TypeScript also there is a conditional decision-making system and they are mainly if case and switch case The if Case in TypeSaript: if a condition is satisfied then only it lets execute the code which is inside of the if case else executes from the code after the if […]

For and While Loops in TypeScript

like all other object-oriented programming languages in TypeScript also loop is used when need to executes a particular block for a numbers of time There is mainly 3 types of loop and they are while loop do-while loop and for loop While Loop A while loop can be called an infinite loop also it can […]

Functions in TypeScript

Like javascript, in TypeScript also, the function is used to create some reusable block of code. That is if we need a block of code several times then we should define a function.

Number Object Of TypeScript

The number is also supported in typescript as, like javascript, the number object converts into a numeric latter to an instant of the class Number. The Number is a class that makes numeric literals an object. To declare a number first we have to write var or let keyword to make the typescript that the […]

Typescript String Tutorial

A string is a collection of characters, that wraps the string primitive data type with a number of helper methods. We are going to discuss the method and helper of typescript below, String Object’s method There is 3 string object method available and they are: Constructor, Length, Prototype 1. Constructor: The constructor returns a reference […]

How to install XAMPP in ubuntu 22.04 Linux

If you are a PHP programmer or any of the frameworks of PHP then apache 2, MySQL, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin are very common to use, and XAMPP gives a package of all the 4, So XAMPP became a very popular name among the PHP and PHP Framework programmers, Now Ubuntu is an open-source operating system […]

The Array type variable and object in TypeScript

An array is a special type of variable which is used to store multiple data sequentially. In an array, the type of data stored must be the same. The limitation of variables can be solved by using an array. Variables are scaller in nature in that one variable contains only a single data at a […]

Tuples in TypeScript

In the case of an array, we can not insert multiple file types as elements of the same array. So Type script introduced a tuple in which we can pass multiple data types like number string etc in the same tuple. The works of supply are the same as an array. To declare a tuple […]

Union in TypeScript

In some cases, we can not determine whether the variable or an array will be in which type, and in that case, separated by a pipe we can make a multi-type variable or array.But using the union we can not assign a multi-type value at a time, for that we have to replace all the […]

Object in TypeScript

The object is a set of variables or functions or array or scalar value, Which we can use as a normal or also can be able to pass through a function. to declare an object first we have to take a variable using the keyword var or let and then have to provide the variable […]

Interface tutorial of TypeScript

Like the other popular object-oriented programming languages interface is a collection of related properties, But the interface does not initialize the property or implemented the property. if we want to use a variable and if there are a lot of variables to pass through a function then we have to define all the types to […]

Class Tutorial of TypeScript:

Like all other object-oriented programming languages, the TypeScript class is also the blueprint for creating objects with specific functions. A class encapsulated the data for its object. In javascript es5 have or earlier have not the concept of classes, The concept of classes is started on typescript es6. How to create a class in typescript: […]

TypeScript Namespace

The TypeScript Namespace is used to make the same group of code in an organized way, which can reduce the same type function from different files.In many programming languages like java, we can use some inbuilt namespace or can create a namespace and define some function there, and exporting the function from the namespace we […]

TypaScript Modules:

The typescript module is to manage the code in some groups in an organized way. There are 2 types of modules in typeScript and they are: Internal Module and External Module Internal Module: The internal module is if you want to keep the module and its uses in the same file then it can be […]

TypeScript Ambients or Declaration or Definition files:

In TypeScript the Ambients or Declaration or Definition files are used, when needed to include some external javascript library but at that time of compilation we do not need to convert the file from typescript to javascript and typescript can not understand its syntax also as not its pre defined in typescript and now there […]

Complete Angular Tutorial For Beginners

Welcome to the Angular tutorial, through the tutorial we are going to learn everything about the development of angular 2 and above. Introduction of the Angular Tutorial Initially, Google introduced angular.js and it is included as a library like other libraries there were some predefined classes and functions or methods, But when Google introduced Angular […]

Install Angular and setup the environment

To install angular you have to install node js in your system Install Node: to install Node you have to go to your browser and type the web address Now download the latest stable released version of the node and install by following the following steps given node itself during the installation. With the […]

Angular architecture and file structure by creating the first project Hellow World

To create an angular project, create a folder to store your application in any directory you want. After creating the folder open your command terminal and go into the folder. For that first select the drive by entering the drive name, then give the cd <your folder location> After entering the folder, type the command […]

The file structure of the Angular application

Inside an angular project, there are a lot of files. Among them, we are going to discuss only a few files. So let’s discuss the file structure of an angular application A few file structures of an Angular Application As told we are going to learn about the file structure of the angular application one […]

Component of Angular

As I have already mentioned previously that the component of angular contains the various types of view. So let’s discuss the angular component in detail. We will learn how to make a component and the basics of the component and also going to learn how to add a new component and how to use it. […]

Angular Interpolation

To show Interpolation we are going to use the ‘Hellow World’ project we have created before with a component name test, in our previous angular tutorial. Or you can create a new project also for the interpolation. What is an interpolation: In one word it can be said that interpolation is used to make a […]

Property Binding (DOM Property)

What is Property Binding? When we can assign an attribute value with a property is called a property binding, Like if we set a property myId with the value “testId” in the component class and if we wish to make the value of an attribute of HTML of the template then we have to enclose […]

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