Month: September 2020

For and While Loops in TypeScript

like all other object-oriented programming languages in TypeScript also loop is used when need to executes a particular block for a numbers of time There is mainly 3 types of loop and they are while loop do-while loop and for loop While Loop A while loop can be called an infinite loop also it can […]

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Decision Making or if and switch condition

Like all other programming languages in TypeScript also there is a conditional decision-making system and they are mainly if case and switch case The if Case in TypeSaript: if a condition is satisfied then only it lets execute the code which is inside of the if case else executes from the code after the if […]

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TypeScript Operators

The operators are used for some operation like addition or substruction, TypeScript also have defined some operators like other programming languages, Here the addition or substruction symbol is the operator and the values to add or substruct are the operands. Let’s discuss the operators in details: Arithmetic Operator There are 7 types of the arithmetic […]

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