In WordPress How to Post and Add, Edit, Delete Posts And Handle its Content

In this Post we  are going to learn how to add edit and delete an WordPress post and category  . For that we have to go to WordPress admin panel and then post menu.

In that menu there is All Posts, Add New, Categories and tag sub menu.


WordPress Post Category Management

To manage WordPress post category have to go to the menu post located at admin panel left menu bar, then have to go to the categories sub menu, In the categories page there is a form to add category located at the left side

Add Category

Now in the category page at the left side form user can give category name , Slug , can select parent category , and category description and then have to press add new category menu.

View Category

After saved the category will appear at the right side category table of category page.

Edit category

To edit category hover on any target category and there will appear the links for Edit, Quick Edit, View and Trace user have to click on Edit link and a page with edit form will opened , User  need to update the data and image of the category and have to press update category.

Delete Category

To delete a category user need to hover on any targeted category and the trace link will appear and have to click on the link and then the category will move to trace directory, to delete permanently user have to  go to trace directory from trace link and then have to delete permanently. User can search a category also bu entering the category name and click on search located at just above of category table.

Attach Categories to WordPress post

To attach a category to a post user need to add or edit a post and at the right side user will find a list of categories , user can filter the categories by most used and also can attach a new category by click on the link add new category and can select multiple category to attach with the post.

Add a WordPress post

To add a new post click on add new sub menu of posts menu located at the left side menubar, then fill up the title of the post, the description of the post here user can add html code also by clicking text tab or can design using the options from the view tab, and user can attach featured image by clicking the link set featured image, and there will appear option to select image from existing media or upload media and then select and user can also add multiple categories with the post. and then have to click on the publish button.

View WordPress posts

To view WordPress posts user need to go to the link All Posts located at the menu post of left side menubar of admin panel and then a page will opened with posts table user can search a post also from the search field located at just above the post table and can short and also can filter, and then hovering any targeted post the view link will appear clicking on thet user can view the post.

Edit WordPress Post

Hovering on an targeted post on post table a edit link will appear and user have to click on that to edit the post then a page will opened , user need to update the data and featured image id needed and the category and then have to press the update button and the post will be updated.

Delete WordPress Post

To delete a WordPress post user need to Hovering on an targeted post on post table a trace link will appear and user have to click on that and the post will moved to the trace and if user have to delete permanently then have to go to trace directory and have to click on the delete permanently link and the post will be deleted permanently.

Add A tag to a WordPress post

To add a tag user can go to the tags submenu and add tags , and can attach with a post during add or edit of a post by selecting from the right side of the post page, here also can be added tag.

In this post we learned about the admin part of WordPress post and category in next post we are going to learn about the WordPress Media portion.


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