WordPress How to install and handle and customise theme and handle menu, widget and edit files

WordPress appearance is the portion of the theme , widget, menu management from appearance we can edit the code of the theme also. Now I am going to show you one by one.

First WordPress Theme

In the submenu theme, there is the list of the installed themes from where a theme can be made active, delete and can be added new.

 View theme details:

clicking on a theme there will appear the theme name, description, author name, and the related URL, from where user can be able to go to the customize portion also

Add a theme

To add a theme user need to

  1. Click on the add new located at the top portion of the page,
  2. Search from the existing theme/click on upload theme button
  3. if searched from the web then hover on the targeted theme and click on the install button it will be installed
  4. if clicked on the upload theme button then select a downloaded or created themes zip file
  5. upload the theme and it will be automatically installed
  6. then if needed make the theme active

Delete a theme

To delete a theme click

  1. go to the theme listing page by appearance-> theme
  2. Click on the targeted theme
  3. Click on the delete link located at the right bottom corner of the theme.

Customize a theme

to customize a theme user need to

  1. go to appearance->customize link
  2. make any changes you needed
  3. the option of the customize portion is varied theme to theme
  4. Click on save the change to save the settings

Add the widget to a theme

there are many widgets available on the web or can be developed by the user also and it is very useful to provide many options to the user.

  1. go to appearance->widget
  2. you will find the available widget in the left-hand side of the page
  3. and the declared sidebars on the right-hand side of the page
  4. the sidebar is actually denoting the position of the widget on the theme
  5. now click on any targeted widget
  6. select the sidebar
  7. and click on add
  8. cow edit the data on the sidebar
  9. click on save

now you have configured the widget.

Add menu to a theme

Now if you have to add a menu then

  1. go to appearance->menu
  2. first, create a new menu,
  3. select the theme location
  4. add the pages and the links and posts and category etc
  5. Click on the save menu
  6. the menu will appear on the regard portion by your selection.

Edit the code of a theme

It is a very sensitive portion from my point of view as changing any code may breakdown your theme if not changed properly bu proper way. to change the code

  1. go to appearance->editor
  2. now select the theme
  3. the current activated theme will be selected by default
  4. select the page to be edited
  5. edit the page
  6. save changes.

Now you have edited the theme, in our next post will learn about WordPress plugin.


Thanks for reading

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