How to upload, edit and delete images or file or media in WordPress

Hi, in this post going to learn about the Wordpress Media the location of image or videos or any uploaded files. the wordpress media used to show all the uploaded document in one place and in this section we are going to learn how to add edit or delete media files of wordpress.

Any media have to use as post content media or featured image first have to uploaded in media.



Add Media File of WordPress

How to add media file of wordpress I am going to show the steps

  1. go to the media linkof admin panel
  2. click on add new
  3. drag and drop or select a file from computer
  4. and you have done
  5. media can be upload from any post or pages also during the addition of media or featured image in this case a popup will apear of media and there is potions to select from existing or upload new and select.

Update Media File

To Update the title , caption , alter text and description

  1. click on any media file
  2. update the fields
  3. click on close link/button
  4. and you have done the edit.

Delete a Media file

To delete a media file

  1. click on any media file from media page
  2. click on delete permanently
  3. and it will be permanently deleted


Information about the selected media file will be displayed on the right side of the screen under the Attachment Details. Click on Insert Post button, the image will be inserted into the post. In Attachment Details section, you will find information about the images such as URL, Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description

You can also insert an image directly from your system by clicking on Upload Files tab. Click on Insert into Post button.

From my point of view if you are not using a media file please delete the file as server space is also making effect on page performance.

after learning about wordpress media in next post will learn about the comments section of wordpress.


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