WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is a open source content management system or cms, WordPress is popular to make blog and blog type website, Using WordPress we can easily create or update or delete posts and pages of a website, also we can update the text , image and many other content easily. In this WordPress Tutorials we will going to see how to handle wordpress admin panel.

Features of WordPress or Why should we use WordPress :

As a popular cms there is too many features are provided to its users which is enough reason for use wordpress.

  • SEO friendly url : wordpress provides too many url format among which most are seo friendly, Now a days traffic are most important think of a website and to get huge traffic seo is most important think so a post or page must have to be seo friendly to gate huge traffic.
  • SEO Supportable Plugins : The on page seo is depends upon the content and keywords as in case of seo the content is the king. So there is many plugin available to determine the content quality.
  • Readers Friendly Content Structure : while creating a post or pages in wordpress its provided a editor , using the editor we can easily make proper structure of the content thus reader can easily read the content.
  • Multilingual : There is plugin available to create multi lingual post thus admin can create multi lingual post easily fot his audience.
  • User Management : WordPress Provides user management system with multiple role of the user, thus admin can easily create multiple user and divide tasks between them.
  • Media Management : All the uploaded images, files and videos are located inside the media tab. from where user can easily chose a single media for multiple posts also. thus replica of same file does not needed for multiple posts.
  • Theme System : There is too many theme is available inside theme section many are free and many are paid, user can easily chose any of them and install in his site. If needed admin can chose a developer and create a custom theme for his site according to needed.
  • Extend with Plugins : There is too many plugins with many extended features like contact form or newsletter etc, an user can easily use theme and extend the features of his site. also can be created custom plugin hiring a wordpress developer.
  • Import Export system : there is tools in WordPress to export and import the website data , thus a admin can export the data and after modification or in another site can import the data, So admin can easily handle the data transfer procedure.
  • Page: For pages there is a post type called pages is provided by the wordpress to separate the cms pages.
  • Posts with category: There is another post type called posts in which the posts can be separated by category also there is tags to tag a post. There is excerpt option also to show the short description.
  • Comments Section: Any comments given to any post can be find in the comments section and user can allow , delete or make the comment as spam easily.
  • Theme Settings: Admin can easily change the name of the site or chose color or edit or add css through the theme settings portion. We will learn that in this WordPress Tutorials in details.
  • Menu Settings: One user can easily add edits and deletes links to a menu from admin panel and also can create multiple menu for various type of uses.

There is many other features also which made wordpress a popular framework of php. Lets learn step by step through the wordpress tutorials.

WordPress Tutorials

Disadvantages of WordPress

After too many features there is some disadvantages also for uses of wordpress. and they are as described below.

  • Increases Of Response Time: Uses of many plugin can make the website slowdown as the response time will increase. and to prevent that have to use less no of plugin as possible.
  • Needed Coding Knowledge to Update in Theme Level: Also another disadvantages is if admin need to change some theme label structure then there is coding knowledge needed else user cannot be able to update or change from the theme label.
  • Need to Update Regularly: The theme , Plugin and wordpress need to update regularly for the security reason.
  • Database Cleaning: There is too many revision and other hazards if need to remove then have to take too much safety else the site can be gone damaged.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of uses of wordpress and I hope the post will help user to understand if they should use wordpress for their site according to needed.

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