How to Set Up WordPress

in this post we are going to see the work of Settings menu in WordPress admin panel it content the General , Writing , Reading , Discussion , Media , Permalink and Dashboard Access Settings of wordpress website. user van manage the content and visibility from that portion


General setting

The general setting content

  1. Site Title
  2. Tagline of the site
  3. WordPress Address (URL)
  4. Site Address (URL)
  5. Email Address
  6. Membership
  7. New User Default Role
  8. Timezone
  9. Date Format
  10. Time Format
  11. Week Starts On
  12. and Site Language

User can edit the data and click on save change to save the data.

Writing Settings

the writing setting content the

  1. Default Post Category
  2. Default Post Format
  3. Mail Server
  4. Login Name
  5. Password
  6. Default Mail Category

In this portion you will see the lines given by wordpress

Post via email

To post to WordPress by email you must set up a secret email account with POP3 access. Any mail received at this address will be posted, so it’s a good idea to keep this address very secret. Here are three random strings you could use: J2UswOnT, tx5ZJy6g, sue6bnz0.

Reading Settings

the Reading Settings content the

  1. Front page displays (You can select any static front page from here)
  2. Blog pages show at most (the default post per page)
  3. Syndication feeds show the most recent
  4. For each article in a feed, show
  5. Search Engine Visibility

Admin can change the data and click on Save Change button to save the data.

Discussion Settings

The discussion setting portion is for default article, comment email me and avatar setting. it content

  1. Default article settings
  2. Other comment settings
  3. Email me whenever
  4. Before a comment appears
  5. Comment Moderation
  6. Comment Blacklist
  7. Avatar Display
  8. Maximum Rating
  9. Default Avatar

Media Settings

The media setting portion is for all uploaded files and media. it content

  1. Thumbnail size
  2. Medium size
  3. Large size
  4. and Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders

admin have the power to change the option by editing the data of the relevant field.

Permalink Settings

The permalink setting portion is most valuable portion of a WordPress website from hare user can set structure, id, seo based etc permalink

Dashboard Access Settings

the dashboard access portion let a user to chose if a user type can access dashboard or not. also have the option for redirect url user profile access and login message control.


in this post the work of Settings menu in WordPress admin panel we have seen how Settings menu in WordPress working in our next post we will learn about the uses of contact form 7 plugin which is very useful in case a WordPress website.


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