How to install and setup the environment for typescript?

To learn any language first need to set up the environment and to set up the environment for typescript we have to install some software and packages. We are going to discuss that one by one.

To work on Typescript first we need node.js so whatever operating system you are using you have to install node.js first in your machine.
To check if your installation success you have to open your terminal,
After opening your terminal type the command node -v and press enter and it will display the node version and if displayed the node version, your installation is successful else please check and install again properly.

After installation of node.js you need to install typescript globally, and for that open your terminal and type the command npm install -g typescript and press enter.

After installation of typescript you need a code editor or text editor, In my case I prefer Visual Studio code.
And in the case of Visual Studio Code there is an inbuilt terminator to write the command which is very helpful.

After setup, the necessary software installation and environment setup lets start to code on the typescript.

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