Best free wordpress tutorials for beginners

welcome to the Best free wordpress tutorials for beginners. Lets start to learn the topic step by step.

Admin Uses Introduction

WordPress is an open-source content management system or cms, WordPress is popular to make a blog and blog-type websites, Using WordPress we can easily create or update or delete posts and pages of a website, also we can update the text, image, and much other content easily. In this WordPress Tutorials, we will be going […]

How to use WordPress Dashboard

In this post, I am going to show the overview of the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel. While you will open the WordPress admin panel you will see the left sidebar, It contains the menus of the dashboard, posts, media, pages, comments, appearance, plugins, tools, and settings we will discuss the menus one by […]

WordPress How to Post (Add, Edit, Delete Posts)

In this post, we are going to learn how to add edit and delete a WordPress post and category. For that, we have to go to the WordPress admin panel and then post the menu. In that menu there are All Posts, Add New, Categories and tag sub-menu. WordPress Post Category Management To manage WordPress […]

WordPress How to upload images or files in Media and edit or delete

Hi, in this post going to learn about WordPress How to upload images or files or videos in Media menu the location of images or videos or any uploaded files. WordPress media used to show all the uploaded documents in one place and in this section, we are going to learn how to add edit […]

WordPress how to handle Comments

Hi in this post we are going to see the WordPress comments system, mainly WordPress comment is given to a post and appear in the particulate single post, and also in the sidebar there is showing recent comment. Add WordPress comments to post While the user will open a post and if in the theme […]

WordPress how to add , edit and delete and handle content of page

Like post the WordPress page handling is mostly similar, In this Post, we are going to learn how to add edit and delete a WordPress pages. For that, we have to go to the WordPress admin panel and then page menu. In that menu there are All Pages, Add New. Add a WordPress page To […]

WordPress How to install and handle and customise theme and handle menu, widget and edit files

WordPress appearance is the portion of the theme , widget, menu management from appearance we can edit the code of the theme also. Now I am going to show you one by one. First WordPress Theme In the submenu theme, there is the list of the installed themes from where a theme can be made […]

How to install plugins in WordPress

Hi, WordPress plugin is some branch of code to add some extra code on WordPress. There are many plugin users can find from site there is 3 way to add a plugin to your WordPress site. Add a Plugin To WordPress site For adding a WordPress plugin go to plugins menu located at WordPress […]

How to create , edit , and delete users in WordPress

Hi, In this WordPress admin user tutorial we are going to learn how to add edit delete and manage WordPress user. In the WordPress user, there are Personal Options, Name, Contact Info, About Yourself and  Account Management portion. The personal options portion giving the permission for disable or enable the visual editor when writing by […]

How to Import Export Data in WordPress Using Tools Menu

the work of Tools menu in WordPress admin panel:  WordPress Tools is a menu tab in the WordPress admin sidebar. It contains tools to perform some tasks like import-export data. first to install a WordPress tools user need to go to the tools menu you will find some text like press the button press this […]

How to Set Up WordPress

in this post, we are going to see the work of the Settings menu in WordPress admin panel it content the General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalink and Dashboard Access Settings of WordPress website. user van manage the content and visibility from that portion General setting The general setting content Site Title The tagline of […]

How to Use WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin

To add a contact form 7 users have to first install the contact form 7 plugin, to know how to install a plugin go to plugin uses a portion of this site and then go to the menu Contact and then you will find a default form is already given by the plugin. Now click […]

How to use WordPress MailPoet Newsletters Plugin

Hi in this post going to show you how to Create MailPoet Newsletters Settings,  going to show you how to create a  newsletter using templates and how to manage the subscriber of newsletters. First, you need to install the plugin MailPoet Newsletter and after activation, the relevant menu MailPoet will appear on the left side […]

WordPress WooCommerce Setting Menu (How to setup woocommerce)

Hi, to get the WordPress woo-commerce menu, first need to install the plugin woocommerce please install the plugin you can take help from how to install the plugin from the site. Now after activating the plugin, you will get the menu WooCommerce and Products. Now first need to set so go to woocommerce settings menu […]

How to handle WordPress WooCommerce Product Category

WooCommerce Product and Category is how to insert update and delete categories, tags, attribute, and product. so let us start WordPress woocommerce Product management. Insert update and delete product category Create a product category go to product->categories menu on admin panel now fill the form bu giving category name, give the slug, select the parent […]

How to handle WordPress WooCommerce Order

Hi, in this post going to see WordPress WooCommerce Order and Coupons and Reports portions in the admin panel. Coupon Management To create a coupon admin have to go to woocommerce->coupon menu from admin panel-> then add new->now give the coupon code, discount type coupon amount and expire date. Users can give the restriction and […]

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