PHP Tutorials

PHP Tutorials

PHP Tutorials for biginners

the PHP tutorials will help the beginner to learn and develop code using PHP, through the PHP tutorials for a beginner we will cover the syntax, procedure, loop, conditional logic, database and other mandatory parts of PHP to develop a website.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor which is a web-based programming language. which is a server-side language that is run and executes on server, to create or develop dynamic website, the connections with database and add, update and delete on database and fetching the value using PHP helps to create proper user interface as any change done by user or admin can be saved in database and displayed on the pages, PHP use to send the HTML and java-script and CSS data to client-side, to show a proper structural data on users machine.

What does PHP do?

PHP runs on the server-side and sends HTML, CSS, and java-script to the client’s machine through .php file and use to show the data on the client’s browser. The index.php is the default file to run in any folder automatically.

PHP Tutorials for beginners overview.

steps of php tutorial

steps of PHP tutorial

the topic we are going to cover through the tutorials is as described below along with links to the topic which will make a clear base on PHP to the PHP beginners.

  1. PHP Tutorials Overview
    the topics described which we are going to cover through the tutorial also will be linked to the topics thus the user can be able to move any topic from the page.
  2. overview of PHP
    the tutorial will cover the PHP code writing style, what PHP can do and why should we use PHP to create a dynamic web application or website, also there is a hello world printing code.
  3. PHP Installation
    it will show how to install PHP in windows, Linux and mac machine.
  4. PHP Syntax
    the topic will cover the syntax of PHP like the procedure to make comments, print or show data, etc.
  5. PHP Variables
    the topics will help PHP beginners to understand the variables and how to declare them and assign data into them.
  6. PHP Form Variables
    the tutorial portion will cover, on submission of a form which is the most vital portion to generate business, how to get or receive the data and use them.
  7. PHP Session and Cookies
    to remember a user the session and cookies are very useful and in this portion of the tutorial, we will learn how to use sessions and cookies in PHP.
  8. PHP If Else Condition
    the conditional logic to run or execute a portion of code for a particulate condition is covered by this portion of the PHP tutorial.
  9. PHP Switch Case
    how to make a branch of the condition at a time in PHP is covered by that portion of PHP tutorial for beginners.
  10. PHP Arrays
    to store a branch of data in a particular arrangement array is used, that is covered by that portion of the tutorial.
  11. PHP While Loops
    while it is the conditional loop and how to use and code that will learn in the portion.
  12. PHP For Loops
    for is an increment or decrements based loop, how to use that and code will learn in that portion of the tutorial
  13. PHP Operators
    operators are and, or etc how to use that will learn in that portion of the topic.
  14. PHP Functions
    we will learn a very interesting portion of code in that portion as PHP function is used to reduce and reuse of a particular portion of code.
  15. PHP Include
    how to include a PHP file in a particular PHP file is shown in that portion, as we can be able to include a particular page to any page which is repeated multiple times like header or footer.
  16. PHP Upload File
    the portion of the PHP tutorial covered how to upload a file and save that into a folder of the server.
  17. PHP File
    How to read write and create a file, maybe its a text or other file is covered by the portion of the PHP tutorial for beginners.
  18. PHP Mail
    to generate business mail sending through the website is a vital application now and in that portion, the mail function is covered.
  19. PHP Database Operations
    To make a dynamic website and user interface where the user can save data, the database is the main key there, and the portion of the tutorial will cover the portion.

I hope that the beginners who have started or going to start there life as a PHP coder or developer, the tutorial will help them as a real-life PHP tutor.

Thanks for reading.

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