Install Angular and setup the environment

To install angular you have to install node js in your system

Install Node:

to install Node you have to go to your browser and type the web address

Now download the latest stable released version of the node and install by following the following steps given node itself during the installation.

With the installation of Node, you will install NPM (node package manager) with it by default.

While you have completed your installation, Open your command prompt terminal to check the version of node and npm.

Now type node -v on your terminal to know the currently installed version of the node in your computer.

And type npm -v to check the current version of the node package manager in your system.

If both the command returns a successful result with a number with prefix v like v8.9.1 then you have successfully installed the node js and node package manager in your system else you have to uninstall the Node js and then again have to install it properly.

Now after successfully installation of node.js you need to install the Angular command line interface and below is given how to install angular CLI in your system.

Install Angular CLI

The command line interface of angular is basically building the blocks in an angular project by just typing the command which made the angular development quicker and easier. It will be more easier if you do practice more and more.

Now to install angular CLI on your machine, open your command prompt terminal and type the below code:

npm install -g @angular/cli

( Here the g is used to determine globally and by placing -g you are installing angular globally. )

There is a few commands of angular CLI which I will describe during the angular tutorial session.

Now again type the command ng -v to check the current version of Angular is installed on your machine. After execution of the command, you will get a display with the angular version. If you get the angular version on your command prompt terminal then you have successfully installed Angular CLI on your machine else you have to install angular again.

Install text editor to write angular code

After you have successfully installed node, npm, and angular CLI you could choose any editor you like, but my recommendation is to install visual studio code as it has inbuilt command prompt terminal.

If you wish to install visual studio code then you can go to the URL and download the visual studio code according to your operating system.

After completion of the download of the software install it by following the steps given by the application during the installation process.

After completion of the installation of all three Node and NPM, Angular CLI, and Code editor, you are ready to write angular code.

Now choose a folder where you want to store your projects

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