Using make money with google adsense without a website

Blogger AdSense – Earn money from or is not so easy today as there are several problems to get approved from Google AdSense using Google Blogspot. or

Problems with or to get approved by Google AdSense

As Google does not provide adds to a subdomain and as if you are using for show your blog then your blog URL will look like something like and Google will not provide adds

now another issue is less content

Google may reject the application saying the site has less content.

another issue is the number of pageviews

if you are getting a very minimum number of pageview then its difficult to get approved in google for absence

and the finale issue is duplicate content

if you have copied from any website the content google will not be going accept the application for absence

Now for the first problem the subdomain problem

you have to purchase a domain from any domain provider and assign the domain to and from your Blogspot admin you have to change the domain name to the primary domain you have purchased and thus your first problem is solved

Now coming to the second problem

The less content is the second problem and for that google may reject your AdSense application several times and till the day you are not approved you have to write a post and apply for Adsense when you have at least 30 posts and pages. and then the less content problem will be also solved

now for the third issue the page view issue

if you are not getting pageview then google may not approve the AdSense application and for that, you need to post and share on social media like google plus and Facebook and Twitter, etc, and you have to take care of the content while writing I want to say you have to write SEO friendly content


Now coming to the finale point, the duplicate content problem

If the content or text you are using is not yours you have copied from some other website then there two main issues will occur

the first one

is you will not get a good position on search engine and not good position mean not good view and less view is less income

and the second one

is google may not approve the application of AdSense seeing duplicate content
so write content from your own by not copping from any website.

and your application for Google AdSense will be approved.

you can read the step to the application for AdSense from our website.

In this post, we have learned about Blogger AdSense and how to earn money from or

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