What to do if google adsense disapproved the application.

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make money online

while we are going to apply for google AdSense we afraid of if google AdSense disapproved, most of the time first we use to apply for google AdSense and google AdSense disapproved of the application many times. Now I am going to tell you the reason to reject the application by google,

First. Less content,

if your site has less content then google will not be going to accept the application of AdSense

Second. copyright content

if your content is copied from some pages then Google will reject your application of AdSense

Third. Less page view

if your site is not getting view then Google may not accept your AdSense application request

Fourth. If you are showing adds form other than google.

if you are already showing adds from some other add provider then Google may not accept your AdSense request.


Now solution

for the less content the first problem

you have to post at least 30 posts and have to make terms and condition, about, contact page and write a post daily till the day google not accept your request

For the second problem the copyright content problem

you have to write the content by yourself or you can take the content from some content writer also but you must remember that the content must be copied from some other website

For the Less page view problem the third problem

While you are posting you please share the poet on social media and submit on webmaster yu will get page view and also remember to research keyword. or you can take help from the SEO person also.

The finale and fourth problem. adds of others in your site

Google is not like any adds from other than google AdSense till the tome google not approved the AdSense application. So till the date google accepts your AdSense application please do not attach any adds from another add provider.


Now after all of that if your google AdSense is not accepted



or accepted from google AdSense also you can use the method parallelly of Google AdSense.
For that you can try some other add provider like Chitika or RevenueHits they will not ask for review your site also and will provide code to show add on your site and they also use to provide good money for add.


I hope that you will enjoy and able to post ads on your site and google AdSense disapproved is not fear anymore.

Thanks for reading and please provide your comments to make the blog more useful and appropriate.

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