Ways to make money from home using YouTube monetization

make money online

make money online

Hi, we are going to discuss How to monetize YouTube the AdSense of youtube or how to make money online from home using youtube without spending a single pane. But you have to do handwork to get the view.


YouTube Adsense

YouTube Adsense


For that, you have to follow some step

Step 1.

You have to make a very good video which people will grab and watch. and the video must have to made by yourself or recorded by you. A copied video is strictly prohibited in youtube AdSense and in that case youtube will give a message that adds may be shown to your video but the money will be sent to the add owner.

Step 2.

Create a youtube account and make a Chanel by your Gmail account if you have not a google account then you may create a new one but all the content must have to be correct.

Step 3.

Upload the video you have made for upload on youtube and give the proper title and description for that. you should remember that the more content is more information so give proper content to upload the video and the tags are the keyword please provide the tags also carefully and if possible give the name accordingly to the title while saving the video on your computer and then upload it.

step 4.

activate the monetize button for the video

step 5.

the option of the monetising button may not appear on your Channel till your Chanel has not completed 10,000 video views.

Step 6.

Clicking for monetize button you have to link your Chanel to AdSense account for that you have to create an AdSense account you can follow our Adsense account creation guide to create the account and then wet for approval.

We have learned How to monetize YouTube and in this way, you can make money online from home using youtube without spending a single pane.

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