How to make money online from home without investment

make money online

make money online

When I entered the network world as a professional, my first question was how to make money online from home? as its a very good thing to make some extra money from home and not going to any other places, So In this post, I am going to give you some ideas on how to make money online from home,

First, thing first, no one will provide money until you working hard, as the work or effort you are giving is only converted to money. So first decide to work hard.

Second Thing: research or think for a full day and get the answer, In which platform I am the best?

Now I am giving some ideas upon “How to make money online from home?”

  • 1. You could be a freelancer: In this case, you have to bid project from a freelancer site there are so many freelancer sites to get work,
  • ** Now how to think that which work you can be able to do from home,
    • -> You may be a good content writer,
    • -> you may be a good designer,
    • -> you may be a programmer etc..
  • just what you can do from home and make a profile according to the work you want to do from home and start to earn.
  • 2. Now if you do not want to bid and get work then you have to earn from advertisement,
  • There are many AdSense sites from where you can get adds to display in your website, but if you want that is free of cost then Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from home, lots of people use to make money from Google Adsense,
  • ** Google may reject your AdSense application for many time I have given the solutions also for that.
  • *** Now there is 4 way to place an advertisement and they are:
    • -> Make a website place some good content and show advertisement there
    • -> Make a blog in and make some pages and posts and get enough views and place your adds there,
    • ->Make a youtube Chanel and get enough view and subscribers and get a review by google and start money.
    • -> and the last one is to develop some app or game and monetize that and show adds on that and earn money.

What is Google AdSense and how it works

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertisement providers with the best quality adds provided by Google. It is one of the best ways to earn money online from home. Google AdSense is free to register to earn money online from home, but there is some restriction,

Benefit You get from Google AdSense

  • Proper adds for your site

    Its denotes that google will provide adds according to your keyword of the page


    If your content is related to the technology than google will post add related to technology on your page.

  • You can control the adds

    You can allow or block advertisers from your panel and the structure of the adds also.

  • Responsive ads

    Google is providing responsive adds also, in case of responsive adds you will get the adds according to you your grid space allocated for the add.

Now start step by step to create google AdSense account

Step 1

First, create a website and give good content there and make at least 30 pages or posts. With privacy, about us and contact us page.

Step 2

Go to the link and fill up all the data carefully and also carefully read the terms and conditions.

How to make money online from home

How to make money online from home

Step 3

Now click on the Sign-in button if you already have a google account then use that account or create a new account and the data used to the account must have to be real. After a successful sign-in, you find a page like this.

Make money online from home

How to make money online from home

Step 4

Insert your domain name and the language of the content you have used for your website. Then press save and continue.

How to make money online from home

How to make money online from home

Step 5

Please fill up all the data carefully with real data and then click on the submit my application button.

Finale step

Wait for approval and after approved by google create add unit and get the code and paste on your page of the website in the position you have left for showing adds. Now, wait for around 48 hrs to appear adds on your site. Note: all the content of your website must not be copied from another website. As you should know that the search engine knows all the data on the page.

What is Google AdSense CPC

The CPC denotes for cost per click if CPC is high then you will get more money per click on ads showing on your website page the CPC is high if you get views and click from UK or us.

How to increase CPC

Very simple creates a page with valuable content and keyword. You can also allow orb to lock the advertisers according to their CPC and you will get the idea from your adds click money. (you must not click on your adds else google will block your account)

What are Impressions and CTR

It’s the add view. if some visitor is not clicked on adds and visited your page then you will get a page impression for the add.

Page RPM

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

Impression RPM

The impression RPM is the average earnings per one thousand impressions. Impression RPM = (Estimated earnings / Impressions) * 1000


The CTR stands for click-through rate is the percentage of impressions that led to a click.

How to make money from home using without spending a single pane

Blogger AdSense – Earn money from or is not so easy today as there are several problems to get approved from Google AdSense using Google Blogspot.

how to make money online

How to make money online from home

My one blogger URL is:

Problems with or to get approved by Google AdSense
As Google does not provide adds to the subdomain and as if you are using for show your blog then your blog URL will look like something like and Google will not provide adds

  • now another issue is less content

    Google may reject the application saying the site has less content.

  • another issue is the number of the page view

    if you are getting a very minimum number of page view then its difficult to get approved in google for absence

  • and the finale issue is duplicate content

    if you have copied from any website the content google will not be going accept the application for absence

Now for the first problem the subdomain problem

you have to purchase a domain from any domain provider and assign the domain to and from your Blogspot admin you have to change the domain name to the primary domain you have purchased and thus your first problem is solved

Now coming to the second problem

The less content is the second problem and for that google may reject your AdSense application several times and till the day you are not approved you have to write a post and apply for Adsense when you have at least 30 posts and pages. and then the less content problem will be also solved

now for the third issue the page view issue

if you are not getting page view then google may not approve the AdSense application and for that, you need to post and share on social media like google plus and Facebook and Twitter, etc, and you have to take care of the content while writing I want to say you have to write SEO friendly content

Now coming to the finale point, the duplicate content problem

If the content or text you are using is not yours you have copied from some other website then there two main issues will be there

  • the first one

    is you will not get a good position on search engine and not good position means not good view and less view is less income

  • and the second one

    is google may not approve the application of AdSense seeing duplicate content, so write content from your own by not copping from any website.

  • and your application for Google AdSense will be approved.

How to monetize YouTube and make money

We are going to discuss How to monetize YouTube the AdSense of youtube or how to make money online from home using youtube without spending a single pane. But you have to do handwork to get the view.

Earn money from youtube

How to make money online from home

For that, you have to follow some step

  • Step 1.

    You have to make a very good video which people will grab and watch. and the video must have to made by yourself or recorded by you. A copied video is strictly prohibited in youtube AdSense and in that case youtube will give a message that adds may be shown to your video but the money will be sent to the added owner.

  • Step 2.

    Create a youtube account and make a Chanel by your Gmail account if you have not a google account then you may create a new one but all the content must have to be correct.

  • Step 3.

    Upload the video you have made for upload on youtube and give the proper title and description for that. you should remember that the more content is more information so give proper content to upload the video and the tags are the keyword please provide the tags also carefully and if possible give the name accordingly to the title while saving the video on your computer and then upload it.

  • step 4.

    activate the monetize button for the video

  • step 5.

    The option of monetizing button may not appear on your Chanel till your Chanel has not completed 10,000 video view and you will not be able to make money online.

  • Step 6.

    Clicking for monetize button you have to link your Chanel to AdSense account to make money online for that you have to create an AdSense account you can follow our AdSense account creation guide to create the account and then wait for the approval.

What to do if Google rejects your AdSense application?

while we are going to apply for google AdSense we afraid of if google AdSense disapproved and we are not able to make money online, most of the time first we use to apply for google AdSense and google AdSense disapproved the application many times. Now I am going to tell you the reason to reject the application by google,

  • First. Less content,

    if your site has less content then google will not be going to accept the application of AdSense

  • Second. copyright content

    if your content is copied from some pages then Google will reject your application of AdSense

  • Third. Less page view

    if your site is not getting view then Google may not accept your AdSense application request

  • Fourth. If you are showing adds form other than google to make money online.

    if you are already showing adds from some other add provider then google to make money online may not accept your AdSense request.

Now solutions to prevent from disapproved by google

for the less content the first problem

you have to post at least 30 posts and have to make terms and condition, about, contact page and write a post daily till the day google not accept your request

For the second problem the copyright content problem

you have to write the content by yourself or you can take the content from some content writer also but you must remember that the content must be copied from some other website

For the Less page view problem the third problem

While you are posting you please share the poet on social media and submit on webmaster you will get page view and also remember to research keyword. or you can take help from the SEO person also.

The finale and fourth problem. adds of others in your site

Google is not like any adds from other than google AdSense till the tome google not approved the AdSense application. So till the date google accepts your AdSense application please do not attach any adds from another add provider.

***Now after all of that if your google AdSense is not accepted and you cannot able to make money online

without spending a single paney earn money from home using Chitika

How to make money online from home

or accepted from google AdSense also you can use the method parallelly of Google AdSense to make money online.

For that you can try some other add provider to make money online like Chitika or RevenueHits they will not ask for review your site also and will provide code to show add on your site and they also use to provide good money for add.

In this post, we have gone through how to make money online from home.

I hope that you will enjoy and able to post adds to make money online on your site and started to make money online from home and google AdSense disapproved is not fear anymore.

Thanks for reading and please provide your comments to make the blog more useful and appropriate.

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