How to Develop WordPress theme default footer 

Hi, in this post-Develop Footer for a custom WordPress theme, I am going to show how to make a WordPress footer for a custom WordPress theme, for that

WordPress Footer


First: Create a footer.php file


Second: paste the common HTML portion for footer


Third: before end of body write the function <?php  wp_footer(); ?>


Fourth: now save and it will get the default WordPress and plugins javascript, CSS  and HTML, and the footer.php file is ready for use from any page by using <?php get_footer();  ?>


If you want you can use a dynamic widget to make the footer please go to widget and sidebar post to see how to declare a sidebar widget. You can make the theme option and use that in the footer also for that please visit our make theme option post.


In this post, we have learned about how to Develop Footer for a custom WordPress theme development


Next, we will learn about the sidebar and widget declaration and get them on the frontend.


Thanks for Reading

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