How to install WordPress

In this post, I am going to show how to install WordPress. To install the first download WordPress from and unzip the file and try to download the latest version of the file.


Step 1

keep the file inside

  • for windows/mac and wamp, user keep it inside the www folder
  • for windows/mac and xampp, user keep it inside htdocs folder
  • and for Linux user keep the unzip folder to var/www/html/ folder

Step 2

Now start the xamp or wamp or start the apache and MySQL.

Step 3

Now open the PHPMyAdmin and create a database and note down the database name, database username, and database password.

Step 4

now open the link of the unzip WordPress file through your localhost.

Step 5

Select the language and click on Continue

Step 6

Check the required data you have and then click on let’s go.

Step 7

Enter the database details and click on Submit

Step 8

Enter the site details, User name, Password, email address and click on run the installation

after clicking on run the install the system will create a wp-config.php file which contains the database details and the keys and the debug type, that if you want to see all the error and warning during the development of configuration of admin panel please find the WP_DEBUG and make the value as true, initially the value is false and while your site will be ready, before uploading change the value to false as if there is an error during the visit of a user cannot able to see the error.

Step 9

Wow, you are ready to login to the WordPress admin panel please log in with your given username and password and enjoy your installed WordPress admin panel.

in this post you learned how to install WordPress now if you have to install WordPress on server put the unzipped file of WordPress to the root folder of server and create a database on server and then open the link from browser and then flow from step 5 In the next post will discuss about the dashboard of WordPress admin panel.


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